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What our customers are saying .....

Outstanding cleaning service! They clean like my mom and grandmother do - Not A Spot is missed! Flexible Plans to meet your needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their the Best! None can compare!

Michelle T.

I really trust them, I don't feel like I have to be at home while they are cleaning.

Karen M.

Good friendly service. My dogs love them!

Audrey B.

Always punctual. They aim to please!

Connie D.

It's a wonderful feeling to come home after they have cleaned!

Dave and Donna L.

I have had Affordable Maids® for over 5 Years now and they are consistent in their quality and professionalism. They are always on time and I can count on them to make my life a lot easier by doing such a great job.

Bev R.

What I appreciate most aside from the great cleaning job that they do is that I can depend on them to come when they say they will be arriving at my home. Also, they are professional and very friendly.

Karen P.

Very happy with everything! Your employees hustled & were thorough. Last year, we used "The Maids" - they brought 4 people for same amount of time & cleaned less than Affordable Maids®. GREAT JOB!!!!

Alison S.

I needed you so bad . I am overjoyed. I would like regular maintenance.

Edward P.

We have had an excellent experience both times you have come.

David J.

Amazing Service. Can't wait to use again!

Melissa O.

For years I have been trying to get the shower crystal clear. God bless your employees. The shower stall was so crystal clear, I was literally crying with happiness. Thank you so much!

Bill and Meredith M.

I very much appreciated your willingness to accommodate my needs at the very last moment when another company failed to meet its commitment.

Faith S.

I am impressed with the professional and willingness to please the whole team had! What a great experience!!! I will strongly recommend your company. Thank you for a job very well done!

Alicia D.

Stay as great as you are. Keep your cleaning standards high like you do. The gals are cheerful! The service is always dependable. The quality of cleaning is always high.

Antoinetta J.

If all of the Affordable Maids® are as professional, courteous, efficient, friendly & warm, I don't have any problems with welcoming them into my apartment.

Samuel S.

Very satisfied, it lifted the weight of cleaning off my shoulders!!

Lynda S.

Overall I am very satisfied with your services. We've tried two other national chains and you are far and away the best! It's so nice being a busy mom to know that I have such a great ally.

Kristen M.

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