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Career Opportunities

5 Reasons to Work at Affordable Maids®

  1. Daylight Hours

    No more lousy hours or swing shifts. Weekends, evenings and holidays are yours to be spent at leisure with your friends & family.

  2. High Pay Rate, Raises & Bonuses Plus Paid Drive Time

    Much higher than most industries like retail or food service

  3. Health Insurance Available

    Most businesses don't want to foot the costs. We think health coverage is important. Many options and plans to choose from.

  4. Paid Vacations

    Spend your leisure time home or away knowing that your being paid as your having fun

  5. Advancement Opportunities

    Because of the TREMENDOUS GROWTH Affordable Maids® is experiencing there are incredible advancement opportunities available for you. See levels of advancement below!

5 Requirements to Qualify!

  1. Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License
  2. No allergies to: Dust, Chemicals, Dogs, Cats or Latex
  3. Availability:
    • Full Time: Mon - Fri 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
    • Part time: Wed - Fri 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
  4. No short-term positions available
  5. Current or previous employment at one job for at least 8 months or more.

Levels of Advancement
Cleaning Associate I
Cleaning Associate II
    Customer note sheets
    Track Sheets
    Give directions & GPS
    Cell phone help
Cleaning Associate III
    Dust & Drive
Cleaning Associate IV
    * All of above
Cleaning Associate Trainer
    * All of above plus train cleaning associates
Part-Time Team Leader
    All of above plus Teamleading when we require you to
Team Leader
    * All of above plus Teamleading full-time
Team Leader Trainer
Assistant Field Manager I
    * All of above plus
    Fill chemicals, inventory, vehicle inventory, interviews, errands, assist field manager with other duties
Assistant Field Manager II
    * All of above plus
    open, close, deposits
    Evaluations, run office
    Check uniforms
    Check watches
Field Manager
    * All of above plus
    * See field manager job description
District Field Training Manager
    * All of above plus
    * See District training manager job description
District Field Manager
    * All of above plus
    * Responsible for all field staff
    * See District field manager job description
Annual Evaluation (1 time per yr)
    Team Player

* NOTE: Obviously each position will require employee to pass training to advance to the next level

* Employer has the right to change the performance pay plan at any time.

"Locally Owned & Trusted Since 1992

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What Our Employees are Saying...

It's a fun & friendly place to work. I love knowing I have my weekends off.

Loreal R.

The pay is wonderful - it's the Best Company I've ever worked for.

Michelle W.

They treat me with respect and always reward me for a job well done.

Sarah M.

I've worked here for 6 years now & can't say one negative thing about the Company.

Kristina C.

The advancement opportunities are great. I've been here 5 years & I'm already a field manager.

Pat M.

They appreciate and respect me.

Jamee E.

Nice people to work with. Good pay. Weekends off.

Tracy S.

It's really nice to work for a company who rewards me for my extra efforts.

Stephanie R.

They moved me into management within 6 months.. I've never advanced so quickly

Jennifer R.

No weekends or holidays & the pay is good.

Ashley D.

The days go by so fast and there is a lot of advancement opportunity.

Sherea B.

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